Young Artist Program

Kneisel Hall offers (to especially gifted students) a concentrated training and immersion in chamber music of the highest quality, with specially chosen teachers.

With roots back to 1902, Kneisel Hall has been called "the cradle of chamber music teaching in America."

In keeping with this heritage, we take it as our mission to foster the art of chamber music through teaching and performance in an intimate environment steeped in tradition and artistic excellence. Thus, we exist to enrich the artistic skills of our students and the cultural life of our surrounding community and to represent the highest ideals of ensemble performance.

“Kneisel Hall was the purest music making process I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Students and faculty work together to create and explore art, learning from each other and inspiring each other in the tranquility of nature. The fact that a place exists which promotes so much encouragement and dedication in the young artists is quite astonishing to me. I will never forget the beautiful friends I made and music that we made together.”

–violinist Carter Coleman

The idyllic hillside campus overlooking Blue Hill Bay is home to an intensive school where musicians from around the world study chamber music with a distinguished faculty. It’s Festival Concerts by faculty and guest artists make Blue Hill a summer destination for discerning music lovers.  Our Young Artist Program accepts a class from among the day’s most gifted students for a rigorous, seven-week program which focuses exclusively on chamber music for strings and piano under the guidance of the superb faculty and Artistic Director Laurie Smukler.

A summer at  Kneisel Hall is an uninterrupted time in which to grow, experiment and work with others of the highest caliber. Emphasis is on the cooperation and communication that ensemble performance requires. Since 2002, all 51 of the young artists accepted into the program have received full scholarships. In addition, Kneisel Hall hosts two successful outreach programs the pre-season Program for Maine Students and post-season ACMI, Adult Chamber Music Institute, a week of chamber music for adult amateurs.

“Kneisel Hall offers (to especially gifted students) a concentrated training and immersion in chamber music of the highest quality, with specially chosen teachers. At Kneisel Hall the students have only chamber music to work on, many hours a day, and we intend for them to come away with an extremely heightened insight into the cooperation and deep musical values inherent in the art.” He continued, ‘The students have to learn how to meld their individuality with other individualities so that they come out with a unified product. Whatever their ultimate work may be, a musician’s ability to listen and cooperate is central.” Seymour Lipkin

Kneisel Hall Artistic Director 1987 -2015

I can honestly say that Kneisel Hall was directly responsible for what I’ve been doing these days. That was the summer I knew that somehow, some way, I would play chamber music as part of, or hopefully all of, my profession. And look what happened…. David Ying

cellist , Ying Quartet

I’m grateful to Kneisel Hall for providing the environment for me to begin to receive the ‘passing of the flame,’ from the music that inspires us and from the many great teachers and great traditions that show us the way. Timothy Eddy

cellist , Orion Quartet



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