• Kate Dillingham (cello, 1986, 87, 89) visited the campus this autumn. Kate lives and plays in NYC.
  • Barbara Mallow, her teacher just happened to show up – it was a happy reunion.
  • Carolyn James Jesselsohn (cello) came to A Far Cry with husband and son Samuel. The Jesselsohns live in Brooklyn.


  • Elise Dalleska (violin ) and Allen La Pointe (a water chemist). They are living in Chicago.
  • Marnie Hauschildt (piano) and Patrick Laird (cello).They actually met at Kneisel Hall in 2006! They are living in the NY area.
  • Jenn Chang (viola) and Solon Gordon (piano). They are living in New York.
  • Gillian Clements (violin) and Alex Popescul. They are living in San Francisco.