Please help us put a roof on the Concert Hall porch.

Leaky porch roof.

Please underwrite a Festival or Young Artist Concert and or take an ad in the Kneisel Hall program. We are asking a lot, we realize, but this is our season of need.

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Your strong and steadfast support of Kneisel Hall has been important for years.  All of us appreciate it deeply.  You help keep the place afloat and fill the Concert Hall seats.  So, do we dare ask for more? Yes we do, for the front porch on the concert hall needs some major, major work.

The roof of the porch is bad (it leaks, making people move around during rainy concerts, as you may have seen), the stairs are rotting, the balusters have finished rotting and are officially un-paintable, the screens need to be replaced, a second exit is necessary to meet fire code, and the beautiful trees that tower over the concert hall are dying or actually dead.  None of these are what you would call “discretionary” repairs.

There is good news to match the bad news.  E.L. Shea, the company that has done so much excellent work on campus is going to do the renovation. The cost of the work will be approximately $110,00.00. We have a clutch of friends and trustees who have already pledged a good part of the cost. There is a very good chance the job can be finished before the first concert.

Hole in screen with patch.

Can you help us?


Please help put  season 2013  on stage – why not underwriting a concert? Underwriting is an enormously important piece of our efforts to support the music we love and the young artists’ studies.

ADS IN THE PROGRAM ($150 – $500)

Email us and we will send you the specifics – not hard and not expensive. An ad in the Kneisel Hall program is good business for your business!

To donate to any of the above – just email (, call, send in a check, credit card numbers or your promise to do so.  And if you have already sent in your ads, underwriting and porch donations – we thank you so very much.

With enormous appreciation, Ellen Werner, Libbie Cluett, Howard Harrison, Robin Clements, Seymour Lipkin