Dear Friends,

On behalf not just of the board but of the students and teachers themselves, we hope you will give a generous gift to keep Kneisel Hall healthy and fully ready to welcome fifty-one young artists next summer.

Robin Clements, president  Libbie Cluett, development chair


A gift to Kneisel Hall is an investment, and unlike the market, Kneisel Hall always brings a positive return. Your donations support the education of the most gifted young musicians of the day and insure that the chamber music you love will be played on our campus for years to come. We invite you to respond to Robin’s and Libbie’s heartfelt appeal today.

As we look back on 2014 our hearts are filled with gratitude for the charity of our friends, the talents and enthusiasm of the young artists and the dedication and commitment of our faculty.

We can’t wait for next summer! Everyone at Kneisel wishes you a New Year of peace and health (and chamber music).

Ellen Werner & Seymour Lipkin

2015 Dates to Remember:

February 1: Young Artist applications due

June 21- 27: Program for ME Students

June – 28 – August 16: Program for Young Artists

June 26 – September 6 :  Festival Concerts

July 18, 20, 21:    Carroll Young Artist Concerts, session I

August 12, 13, 15:  Carroll Young Artist Concerts, session II

August 16 – 23:  ACMI

Everyone at Kneisel wishes you a New Year of peace and health (and chamber music),

–Ellen Werner & Seymour Lipkin


Jan 14: Wed 8:00 pm  Seymour Lipkin: American Philosophical Society 427 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA

Jan 17: Saturday 8:00 pm KH REUNION!! 420 West End Ave NYC Ellen & Mr. Lipkin’s

Jan 19:  Mon 2:00 & 7:30 pm Seymour Lipkin Mozart G minor piano quartet Jupiter Chamber Players, Good Shepherd Church, NYC

Jan 24:  Saturday 8:30 pm Keiran Campbell, cello Paul Hall, Juilliard, NYC

Jan 27: Tuesday   6:00 pm Laurie Smukler and Seymour Lipkin All Schubert program Morse Hall, Juilliard, NYC

Feb 22:   Sunday 4:30 pm Laurie Smukler and Joel Krosnick Mannes College 150 W. 85th NYC

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