Kneisel Hall and Blue Hill Together in Music!

Monday, September 21- Friday, September 25

All over town – Consolidated School, George Stevens Academy, Parker Ridge and the Kneisel Hall Campus, Blue Hill, ME

Kneisel Hall:  207 374 2811


Contact:  Clara Lyon (

Kneisel Hall & Blue Hill Together in Music!

Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival proudly announces the second season of their long-term outreach initiative, KHBH-Together in Music!. From September 21st to 25th the KHBH musicians will explore the concept of music as a community experience, culminating with a community Play-In September 25th at Kneisel Hall, at 7pm. Participants will play Terry Riley’s “In C, a piece is written for an indefinite number of performers, and of indeterminate length. If you are a musician interested in taking part we ask that you attend one of two large rehearsals: Wednesday the 23rd from 3:30-6, and Thursday the 24th from 7-9:30 Please email KHBH directors Clara Lyon and Hannah Collins at for more information and sheet music and visit

Launched last September, KHBH brings a small team of Kneisel alumni and teaching artists to Blue Hill for two week-long residencies, in September and May. The program’s mission is to foster a creative dialogue with local residents, and to invite everyone to participate in music-making at the Hall.

The upcoming residency does just that: Throughout the week, KHBH teaching artists will visit local schools and connect with area musicians to rehearse and refine the music, lead discussion on the concept of music as a social experience and vehicle for social change, and explore the creation of texture in music through composition activities.

Please join the KHBH team and musicians from all over Blue Hill for the culmination of the week’s events at the Play-In-C. The piece is a joyous music happening that celebrates a community coming together through music.