Dear Friends,

Alums- time to step up.

Brian Hong, Hongge Du, Zhi Ma, Tina Bouey and Elise Dalleska gave donations. April 16 Jae Lee, Megaumi Stohs-Lewis, Annie Rabbat, Alex Fortes, Michael Unterman and Frank Shaw are playing a KH benefit.
Yoon Lee is coming to help with ACMI
Now it is your turn – do you live in Paris, Poland, China, Korea, Taiwan, Canada, England, California, Florida, Tennesee
Chicago, New York, LA, Boston? Let us know what you’re doing – we’ll post it.


Show YOUR appreciation for Kneisel Hall:

Come to campus and mentor in the ACMI (August 14-21). Reconnect!

Dedicate an April performance in to KH.- let us know. We’ll put it on the calendar.