april 16

Dear Friends,

April 16 A Far Cry presented an unforgettable evening for friends, board and alumni. Interim Artistic Director Laurie Smukler thanked them for their, “beautiful, heartfelt performance! It was a wonderful program of music, played with intelligence, gorgeous phrasing, and a warm, compelling group sound. (We are) very grateful for the most generous gifts of your music and time, given to benefit our much loved Kneisel Hall. And thank you to Neil and Trudie Prior and the Sponsors and Patrons for their strong support of the evening.” If you missed the performance AFC will be at Kneisel August 26 and 28.


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Cellist Alex Hersh won first prize in the Schadt String Competition in Allentown, PA.
He also won the Jefferson International Young Artists Competition in Golden, CO in January.Violinist Lisa Romain is subbing in the American Ballet Orchestra this summer. She is taking a break from her Fulbright studies on Kurtág in Budepest.

Cellist Hannah Collins has been appointed to the music faculty at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.


Yu-Hui Chang is the inaugural composer in the Composers NOW Project. “The goal of Composers NOW is to integrate music that is being written in our time, into the fabric of the music-making at Kneisel Hall,” Interim Artistic Director Laurie Smukler, “The study of contemporary music should be (and now will be) a piece of the young artists’ experience as the performers of the future. To do this is truly to become involved, articulate and invested in the music of their time.” Chang will be on campus July 14 – 16.


The 2016 season is about to take the stage. We invite you to subscribe for the ENTIRE season so you won’t miss a single note. The first concert is June 24; the last September 11; two months of chamber music in our iconic Hall – there is nothing better. And to help us keep that music on the stage consider underwriting a concert or an outreach program. For subscriptions or programs call 207-274-2811 or festival@kneisel.org.