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[cl-popup][/cl-popup] [cl-ib image=”2022″ title=”Calendar of Events” desc=”Don’t miss out on concerts and upcoming events! ” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkneisel.org%2Fevents%2F” animation=”aphelia” bgcolor=”#00074c” ratio=”2×1″] [cl-ib image=”2035″ title=”Kneisel Hall Chamber Music” desc=”askjd ,malskdj laksjdlk jkajsdl alsd” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkneisel.org%2Fevent%2Fadult-chamber-music-institute-2%2F”] [cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkneisel.org%2Fyoung-artist-chamber-music%2F” front_icon_name=”fa-music ” front_icon_image=”2060″ front_icon_image_width=”” front_title=”YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM” front_elmorder=”tid” front_bgcolor=”#ffffff” front_textcolor=”#ffffff” front_bgimage=”1169″ back_title=”Young Artist Program” back_desc=”A rigorous seven-week chamber music program for fifty international pre-professional young artists (20 violinists, 9 violists, 14 cellists and 7 pianists) 18 years of age or older.”] [cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkneisel.org%2Fevent%2Fadult-chamber-music-institute-2%2F” front_title=”ADULT CHAMBER MUSIC INSTITUTE” front_elmorder=”tid” front_textcolor=”#ffffff” front_bgimage=”1164″ back_title=”ADULT CHAMBER MUSIC INSTITUTE” back_title_size=”14″ back_desc=”Adult amateur musicians spend seven days making chamber music on the picturesque Kneisel Hall campus, coached by dedicated faculty and Kneisel Hall young artist assistants/mentors.”] [cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fkneisel.org%2Fmaine-students-2%2F” front_title=”MAINE STUDENT PROGRAM” front_elmorder=”tid” front_textcolor=”#ffffff” front_bgimage=”1554″ back_title=”MAINE STUDENT PROGRAM” back_desc=”Maine musicians join us for a week of chamber music making at Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival in Blue Hill. If you love music, love playing with friends and want to learn a piece in depth with a college mentor, Kneisel Hall is the place for you! ” height=”403″] [cl-review quote=”Hearing the final concerts by the students at Kneisel Hall this summer left me overwhelmed by the extraordinary quality of the music making. This must be the best place anywhere for the study of chamber music. Franz Kneisel, who founded the school almost a hundred years ago, would be on very happy man to see his dream realized. Here you have a faculty of great musicians, artist-students at the highest level of talent, and an administration with the vision to provide ideal conditions for study and performance Players and listeners, we can all rejoice in what this place does for chamber music.” author=”Raphael Hillyer” occupation=”founding violist, The Juilliard String Quartet” avatar_image=”2047″ quote_size=”17px”] [cl-review quote=”When I first came to Blue Hill (in 1959) I was not very serious or focused on music or cello playing. At Kneisel Hall during that first summer, I heard teenagers just a few years older than me playing great music amazingly well, which started waking me up to the possibilities of music in my own life. My second summer at Kneisel Hall was a major turning point in my life as a cellist. I practiced for many hours every day for the first time, inspired by the level of playing and teaching around me, by the exciting prospect of getting to play some of the masterpieces I was hearing, and buoyed by the rapid progress I was making. That inspiration, hopefulness, and excitement has carried me since that time, reinforced by other wonderful experiences and more hard work, to a life filled with fascinating challenges and personal fulfillment. I’m grateful to Kneisel Hall for providing the environment for me to begin to receive the ‘passing of the flame,’ from the music that inspires us and from the many great teachers and great traditions that show us the way.” author=”cellist, Timothy Eddy” occupation=”Orion Quartet” avatar_image=”2044″ quote_size=”15px”] [cl-review quote=”Playing with other in many groups, hearing master classes by world class musicians- all this created new musical horizons.” author=”Murray Perahia” occupation=”pianist” avatar_image=”2045″] [cl-review quote=”I can honestly say that Kneisel Hall was directly responsible for what I’ve been doing these days. That was the summer I knew that somehow, some way, I would play chamber music as part of, or hopefully all of, my profession. And look what happened….” author=”cellist David Ying, ” occupation=”Ying Quartet” avatar_image=”2043″]